Headshots 101

Besides booking weddings well into 2015 and 2016, a lot of my time has been taking professional and personal photographs and headshots for friends and referrals. I figured since there were so many that we've done recently that it would be neat to do a mixture of headshots for folks to get a feel of locations, positions, scenery, emotion and more. You'll see that we mix it up and never venture to the same places.

With all of our headshot clients, we ask them usage of images (website, facebook, professional usages, etc), locations they had in mind, and we help guide and chose the final location, clothing, style of photo, etc.

You will see that the following clients did fabulous with little instruction. All of our sessions were fun and diverse... unique to their own. Enjoy!


We continue to get better at portrait photography and we love our time together with our friends and portrait clients. Check out more on the blog!