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Jack of all trades. CFO. Athlete. Handyman. Fan of food & trucks.




We photograph beautiful weddings for darling couples & we educate other photographers & business owners so they too can build successful businesses.

Hello! We’re Maggie and Patrick. We are so glad you're here! So a little about us and our story! We fell in love when we looked across the room at each other and our eyes met. Patrick was a baseball player at the time and Maggie was an assistant teacher. We were inseparable and loved time together whether it was grocery store runs, watching movies, or being outside — things we still love to do years later! We got married in 2013 having no idea what was to come. 6 months later, after shooting only a handful of weddings, we decided to jump into the reality of a crazy dream and found ourselves in our calling.

In our first 18 months of being full-time we shot 46 weddings. We shot our 100th wedding in May of 2017 and we still get butterflies because we get to do what we love alongside not only the person we love most but other couples that feel the exact same way about each other. If you’re a bride or a photographer, you’re in the right place. So glad you’ve come to visit and spend some time with us!

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Smiles all the time. MomPrenuer, lover of chai, snow & sun.