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We are coming back!

We launched in April 2022 and came to find that our balance was totally imbalanced… how ironic, right. So we pumped the brakes, focused on us, our family, our clients, and decided we would make a come back in 2023! Soooo… COMING SOON IN 2023 we will start doing them again!



Meet Maggie

Photographer, Encourager, Educator, YouTuber


Life is crazy busy. I thought I was busy before kids. Holy Moly. Now things are just minutes away from a reality tv show! I’m always on the hunt for balance. I have days I play games where I see how much work I can get done, whether its career work as a wedding photographer, house work as a homemaker and wife, and work as in raising amazing god-fearing respectful boys. Some days I feel like champion. Other days, I’m ready to lock the bathroom door, turn on the shower, curl up in a ball, and cry while kids are crying and fighting outside the door… why? Because I want a redo and it’s only 9am.

I’m here to say, balance isn’t possible without Jesus. I’m convinced. I’ve tried to find it before and after inviting Jesus into my life, still it’s a struggle but so much more manageable. AND I want to live a full life, choosing to be okay with kciking perfection to the curb, and life with healthy imbalance.

I’ll be sharing stories, encouragement, bible verses, and practical ways to dominate as a business owner, mompreneur, mom of kids and still have a vibrant marriage and life. The perfect imbalance is here to remind you that we are in it together and “God within her, she will not fail.”


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