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This year, we will be hiring interns! You may be someone interested in the wedding industry, a college student, or already have full-time work but are looking to get your feet week and make some extra money. We love being able to teach, instruct, educate, and grow others who have similar passions to us. Maybe you want to learn more about editing, photo management, client management, accounting, finances, etc.

So if that catches your eye, here is what we are looking for:

1. First and foremost, we are looking for potential, not perfection. If you are nervous or unsure, that is ok! Apply anyway! This is a learning and growing experience, you don’t need to know everything yet!
2. Interested in learning more about photography, business, and the wedding industry.
3. Willing to sometimes work weekends and late nights
4. Experience with photography. (You don’t have to have weddings under your belt, but I also want more than just instagram photos).
5. Owns a DSLR and knows how to shoot in other modes besides auto.
6. Available throughout summer and fall. Not every weekend, but you will have the opportunity to work with us at 10-15 weddings.
7. Willingness to drink lots of chai, and listen to music on road trips to shoot weddings.
8. Experience with Lightroom and Photoshop preferred, but not required.
9. Good with verbal and written communication.
10. Fun, teachable, and positive attitude!

That sounds awesome! Can you tell me more about what I am going to learn and do?
This internship is definitely designed for someone who wants to learn about wedding photography! This will give you a great understanding and allow you to see a lot about owning a wedding photography business. I will be an open book to you. You are able to ask me any questions that you want. I will share with you everything that I have learned and give you a ton of hands on opportunities. You will be involved in shooting weddings and assisting me on engagement sessions. We will also have “teaching times” during the week where I can share with you all of the behind the scenes of a small business, answer any questions that you have and critique your wedding images.

This sounds awesome, but I don’t live in Ellicott City. Can I still apply?
Yes! We prefer that our interns are living in Maryland or in Baltimore.  Some days may be work from home days and other days may require you to be at our home/office.

I am a college student and would like to get college credit, can you make this happen?
I will have to do some research and talk to someone at your school, or university to see if this is possible.

Is this a paid position?
Yes! I will pay you tangible money, but you are also receiving wisdom, advice and experience

TO APPLY: Email us  at info@livingradiant.com with your name, subject line: internship, and a link to your portfolio and/or summary about yourself. We will send you a short application to fill out and then if we think we would be a good fit, we will set up an interview time!

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