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Cheers to You!

If you’re reading this, you’re a Wedding Planner! Thanks for stopping by and getting to know us more.

You’ve worked with wedding photographers. Some were awesome. Some you never want to work with again.

You see, here’s the thing… everyone thinks they can be a wedding photographer, just like everyone thinks they can be a wedding planner, am I right?!

But we ALL know the difference.

You’re a Planner, a venue coordinator, or someone who actually knows what they’re doing in the planning space for Weddings and Events.

And we’d love to give you the opportunity to get to know us better to see if we would be a great fit for working together!


We are

Maggie + Patrick

Owners and Wedding Photographers of Living Radiant Photography, based in Ellicott City, MD.


We are husband/wife photography team that specializes in weddings. We are full-time, capturing love stories most weekends throughout our year. We shoot between 30 and 40 a year and to date (since 2014), we’ve shot almost 200 weddings in 7 years.

We launched our business full-time with only 6 weddings on our calendar in 2014. In our first 18 months of going full-time we booked 46 weddings. In our first 2 years of business, we were selected as one of Baltimore’s Top 10 Wedding Photography teams by two companies, Expertise and Top Wedding Vendors. We are proud of that considering how many photographers exist in Baltimore alone and we don’t take that for granted.
In 2019 we just got award Best of 2019 in Ellicott City and Top 10 in Baltimore again.

This is not our hobby, it’s our life and our career and our passion.

We run a thriving wedding photography business out of our home office that focuses on empowering couples to LOVE and ENJOY their engagement season and wedding day. We provide to them a client experience based on relationship with results that are both legacy and beautiful. We opened a full boudoir studio in our home in January 2020.

We’d like to walk you through what our client experience is like and also share our 2020-2021 pricing guide.
We finished 2019 with 42 weddings and had about 40 weddings on the calendar for 2020 year. Thanks to COVID we’ve rescheduled 30 of them and have 7 remaining this year.

We are passionate about photography, the skill and style we curate, but we are also business owners and creatives at heart. We finished college, have business degrees backing our business, are completely insured, and have invested thousands of dollars into the best photography gear on the market for weddings, not to mention the systems, our processes and our client experience (all the behind the scenes gear like servers, computers, hard drives, etc).




The Client Experience – Sales Process

From the start, we invite potential couples into our home for a consult where we we get to know them, gather information, and walk them through our story and our “why.” Planners are welcome to join that meeting. We FaceTime our out-of-state inquiries or those that can’t find the time due to schedules to meet with us.

We ask the couple to share as much or as little as they want about their love story, and we do the same. Business sits at the table but silent as this comes next after we all get to know each other a little bit. Once we are acquainted, we ask some questions about wedding day, followed by walking them through our experience packages, covering pricing, contract, and customization details like albums, cinematography, additional time, etc.

We share our vision. From the beginning of our business we’ve said that emotion can’t be photoshopped, and as we all know, photography is very personal and relational. If they want strictly business, that’s not us. Weddings are intimate, special, and an incredible celebration. We curate stories of love, adventure, and forever romance through photography and experience. We don’t have them sign contract in person at the meeting. We provide a sample contract, a pricing guide to take with them, and they leave with a week to make a pretty large investment decision. Our booking rate of those we meet face to face is 99%. We book almost every couple we meet with and we contribute a lot of this to being relational, detailed, factual, and transparent.

Once contracted, welcome kits are shipped out, and we start building the relationship. Since we are with our couples more than any other vendor or family member on their wedding day, we feel this is imperative. We cannot be strictly business for our couples and the majority of our clients desire that when they realize they are with us all day long. We cheerlead our clients through their engagement months, providing advice and vendor recommendation as well as photo timeline and shot list creation and collaboration. We do engagement sessions and take all our couples out to dinner prior to their wedding day.

We empower them to plan their day with photography in mind but not as the focus of their day.
We literally have friendships/relationships with all our couples.
That’s our track record and we are really honored and proud of what Living Radiant has become.


The Client’s Investment

Our experience packages start at $5,500 throughout the year or $6,000 on Saturdays in Peak Months (April, May, September, October).
Every experience package include but not limited to:

Engagement Session
(2-3 hours depending on package)

10 Hours of Day of Coverage

2 Professional + Insured Photographers
Maggie + Patrick Nolan
Owners and Photographers of Living Radiant Photography

Fully Edited + Organized Online Gallery (digital) + Branded USB (tangible) of Final Images OR option for 11×14 Canvas

Full Usage Rights (social, print)

Photo Timeline + Shot List Creation + Collaboration

Cinematography, Print Management, Album Creation + Printing, Open Air Photobooths, Aerial Drone and Boudoir sessions are additional
options as add-ons or are included in other packages.

Contracts and Invoicing and even bill pay is managed through Honeybook electronically, and you as the planner also have access to view that as well.
Photography deposit is half of contract total due at initial signing. The remaining balance is due 1 month out from wedding day. Installation and Financing available.

The 2022 Pricing Guide

Click to Download

Your Win

When a couple hires Living Radiant, they are making an investment not just spending money. It’s an investment into their wedding day and their life legacy.
When we work alongside a wedding planner or designer or coordinator, our desire is to create a relationship that allows us to come alongside the planner to ensure what is being created and planned results in gorgeous photographs. And then we obviously capture that vision and those radiant moments and things that are significant to the couples story and their special details as well.

We are wedding photographers that know that wedding days aren’t about us. We understand and learned early in our career that this day isn’t possible without the team of vendors that make the vision a reality. Because of that, we build relationship with those vendors teams pre-wedding day and day of we capture behind the scenes of them in their element. We also provide a full gallery of images to all the vendors we work alongside to use as they wish for marketing.
We just simply ask to tag us if used on social media.

We want to cultivate a relationship with you that grows your business too. We assume this is your livelihood, as it is ours.
We are brand gurus and know align yourself with some of the best is not just smart, it’s necessary. We pick “the best” based off of how they value relationships and cultures AND how they place value on others. That’s why we’ve picked you.
Of course you do killer work as well, that’s a given.

We’d love to start something beautiful with you. Let us know what the next steps are for building relationship.
We’d love to get coffee with you, or bring you your favorite drink (hot, cold, or alcoholic hah) to your stomping ground.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us more.

Best, The Nolans


Vendor Love


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