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Where are you located? Do you travel?
We are located in Ellicott City, Maryland in Howard County. We serve clients in the Mid-Atlantic region primarily but it’s not uncommon for us to travel! In 2015 we went to NJ, Colorado, the Bahamas, and California. We love airplanes and suitcases. Our passports are always up to date and we LOVE to travel.

What is your photographic style?
We call ourselves story-tellers. We are photojournalists by nature and detail oriented. We photograph in roles so there is no “1st and 2nd shooter” with us. We aim to capture moments that could be lost in the blink of an eye. We like the “light and airy” and the “dark and dramatic.” The best part of having two photographers!

What are your rates for engagements/weddings?
We offer wedding experiences beginning at $4,000 and ranging up to $7,000 depending on services and add-ons. Our packages include engagement sessions. But, all packages are customizable. Connect with us for more info and a la carte services.

Are your wedding packages adjustable?
Yes. We have “standard”/pre-set experience packages that aim to show and contain the most popular services and products for a couple’s convenience. Clients are welcome to add items to any collection at the ‘ala carte’ price, or remove some services for a more affordable package. We have a secondary team of photographers for weddings under $3,000 budgets.

I love your work! How do I reserve you to photograph my wedding?
Awesome! Fill out our inquiry form and we will be in touch! Ideally we meet you in person for a consult.  We believe in natural affinity. Once you receive a contract and sign it and submit a non-refundable deposit – the date is saved! We are yours and you are ouurs! Please note that email inquiries do not guarantee any client to a particular date. It is common for us to receive multiple inquiries for the same date, and therefore the date remains open until a contract is signed and deposit in hand (or in the mail).

Do you have a 2nd shooter? 
When you hire “Living Radiant Photography” you get 2 photographers. So check off that box.

 How much time should we set aside on our wedding day for portraits?
We will help in this process. We create custom photo timelines for our clients to ensure we allocate enough photo time on your wedding day.

Do you have a back-up camera & lenses? Do you have liability insurance?
Yes, we have liability million dollar insurance. Yes, we have backups, both for our lens’ and camera bodies. As you shop photographers for your wedding day, these are two very important questions to ask.
*Many venues require other vendors to carry their own insurance. If your venue requests a copy of our insurance documents, we ask that you please give us 30 days notice, the contact information of your venue/wedding coordinator, and we will take care of submitting everything on time!

What happens if there is an emergency situation and you are unable to photograph my wedding?
In the highly unlikely event that one of us are unable to photograph your wedding (basically dying or dead), we will do everything in our power to secure a replacement. We have a strong group of photographers that we stay connected with consistently. Many of them we get coffee with weekly or monthly. Every photographer has a very unique shooting style and I know a handful that compliment our style and personalities. 

Do you shoot more than one event on my wedding day?
Not a chance. When a couple reserves us for their wedding date, you are our only client that day! We want to spend the night before, morning of, or early hours prepping to ensure equipment, vehicles, and we are ready to go.

How long does it take to receive my photos?
On average, weddings take 1 to 2 months to turn around. During the busiest parts of the wedding season, editing can take longer. We do try to show off some of our favorites from your wedding day and send them to you within 2 weeks. We love the anticipation and we want you to have your pictures sooner than later!

Do I have permission to print the photos? Can I use them online?
With any client we book, we release the photographs for personal use after final payment. We call this co-ownership. This allows you as the client to print the images anywhere you choose for yourself, friends & family, and obviously, using the images online. You may not however – sell, edit, or advertise the images in any way. This includes submitting images to wedding blogs or publications. We want to ensure vendors are taken care of so we ask that if you want to submit your wedding for publication, please contact us first… we may have already submitted! We also ask that if you post your images online (such as on Facebook or Instagram) – that you state clearly, “By Living Radiant Photography” below or beside the image or tag us @maggiejnolan @patrickwinknolan and #livingradiant.

Engagement Sessions – what are they? Why should we schedule one?
We talk with couples all the time who debate doing a session. These sessions are so sweet to us. Once a couple books us for an engagement session and or wedding, we hand over “The Radiant Magazine,” a guide that gives fashion insight, how to’s for coordinating clothing between you and your fiance, and location and timing examples. For example, “Golden Hour” is a term used to refer to the 2-3 hours before sunset… divine lighting. We recommend choosing locations that are important or significant to you! Once you do book us, we do the grunt work to give you an awesome photo e-session experience. Another benefit: You get to use them for save the dates, usage at the wedding, or just to put on social media and look fabulous.

Do you offer products such as canvas prints, coffee table books, and albums?
Absolutely. We offer print and digital options, including print management. Contact us about our print management offerings and the vendors we work with to deliver excellent products.


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