Introducing our newest segment, Cinematography.

We get asked all the time if we also do video. Today our response can be, “we absolutely do.”

I was sitting at the hair salon, foils in my hair catching up with my dear friend, my hair stylist as we talked about our projects, the wedding industry and our amazing clients. I was telling her that we wanted to find a company to do a promo video for us. Something that captured us, our brand, the love our couples have for each other and our own relationship. I remember thinking, I wish we could capture in motion what we produced in stills for our clients.

She said, “Not sure what you’re looking for but I have a son. He’s young, He’s never done a wedding, but He loves to capture life, creatively and through details and emotion.” He sounded like our kind of guy. Kind of like us when we first started out. So we said, we want to meet him.

It took one video for us to see that he would be a great fit. In less than 8 hours after a wedding he had an instagram teaser for one of our couples. We fell lin love with his work, his personality and we started a partnership with him.

This is where it gets fun. We’ve never done motion until now. We aren’t entirely sure where this will take us. But what we know is that just like how Living Radiant started, we had to start somewhere. So here we are, starting somewhere. Only with motion and life moving right in front of us. Introducing for 2018 and beyond...

Engagement Film Cover.png

Engagement Film

• 2 Hours of Coverage
• 1 Film Maker
• 1 Minute Engagement Film
•Drone Footage (if weather permits and zoning) 
•Delivered via Online Dropbox Link 

Wedding Film Cover.png

Wedding Film

• 8 Hours of Day of Coverage
• 1 Film Maker
• 1 - 2 Minute Instagram teaser (within a week of wedding)
• 4-6 Minute Wedding Film
•Drone Footage (if weather permits and zoning) 
•Delivered via Online & Flash Drive 


2018 Radiant Films

Tony Kosack Ko-Op Living Radiant Photography photos edited-16.jpg

Meet Tony

Hi! My name is Tony, I am 22 years old and my absolute passion is to create movies about everything and anything. From filming my friends and I skateboarding to my mom performing magic in the salon I started finding myself obsessing over storytelling. After a couple years of film making just for fun I broadened my horizons by creating videos for local salons, real estate companies, non-profits and even a couple weddings. What has been my passion for years has become my full-time career and I couldn’t be happier! I love the ability to recreate emotion through a video. Through framing, pacing, lighting and more it will feel like you’re watching a cinematic movie of your wedding day.

You’ll see that it is much more than a “wedding video”… it is a love story.