Starve what you want to die // January 25, 2009

Everytime I am in this house i get great revelations... I had a simple one about a week ago and it came back today too... it goes something like this....

I am in the kitchen, yes men, I am cooking. I am with 2 little kids and we are making a welcome home cake for their parents who have been gone for 4 days. I am also in the process of making them breakfast, they want cinnamon rolls... I realize that already this morning I have had yogurt, some cereal, chai tea, an english muffin, and im about to eat a cinammon roll...hmmm yummy, so good.

And it hits me.

I decide to look at the labels to find that after this I will already have about 900 calories in my body... DANG... for an entire day, I should be eating about 1400 (minimum) for my age and height. I am 23 years old and 5'8". It goes by so fast, and if we are not concious, we will overeat... get fat. I let the kids eat them, I have just part of one. I have a smile on my face, I made the right decision.

Food Food Food... many Americans are overweight and people wonder why. There is no self-control... of the body. People stuff their faces, don't bother looking at ingredients and find themselves on a scale with a look of disappointment.... hmmm.... I know exactly what this is like.

As i research on health, fitness, and the human body, it is interesting to find something so simple. Food and Physical Activity are necessities for life. You cannot have one without the other. Well actually you can, you just have to be willing to pay the consequences for substituting one for the other.

It is crucial that we eat right, and learn what our unique bodies need. Every person is uniquely created. If you need to, log what foods make you feel funny, angry, tired, sick, etc. You will be amazed when you start realizing that our bodies make us very aware as to its current condition. Eat enough fast food, you get diarreea and stomach aches, not to mention fat on your stomach.. i know what this is like to. However, the more you eat it, the less your body reacts to it... but the less you eat it, the better your body feels... and looks.

Then something else hits me....

We feed what we want to live. We feed our pets, our plants, our stomach, our kids, our friends, and more. We also fill our minds.

People fill themselves with reality tv shows, pornography, national geographic, the news, and other sorts of media and entertainment. Oh dont let me forget sports. I love NFL football...

However, some of us have no self-control... of our minds. We think about situations, resolve, and problems. We want to fix, figure out, and process. This is human and normal. Believe me, I definitely am a thinker and analyzer.

Then in my spirit i get a check.

Feed what you want to live. Starve what you want to die.

I immediately think on what i've been thinking. Where is my mind, where has it gone, what is it figuring out. Why are their pointless things?
The list includes some of the following:
Cleaning the house before the parents get home so they dont have to worry about it
Make sure homework gets done before campus worship and 2 meetings
I have a missions team meeting and an unleashed ministries meeting
Ella is outside with Slate (dog)
I havent read my bible yet, i want to before the day goes on

I stop. What?! What was my last thought. THe last thought in that 5 seconds regarded the most important thing of my day, but it hasnt taken a priority today. Hmmm....
I stop what I am doing, thinking, etc and go into my room... the kids are watching tv

I realize... in our life amidst activities, to do's, interactions, the like... we must chose to feed what we need most. Not only our bodies, but also the mind and the spirit. Our heart. We need to be healthy people, aware of our lifestyles and making sure we are being great not good stewards of our lives that God has given to us...

I encourage you to check yourself.... what are you doing and what are you thinking.

Feed what you want to live. Starve what you want to die.