Splashing in Puddles // October 25, 2010

Splashing in the Puddles

I love rain! I love playing in it and drinking it! I run through it, play football in it, and listen to it. I read a verse today that  stood out to me in this passage of scripture Proverbs 25:26. It says "Like a muddied spring or polluted well are the righteous who give way to the wicked." I looked up the definition of "spring," and the definition for "well" and for some reason I felt to look up "wellspring." I was amazed at what I found and the revelation I had. Besides being a season of the year or a trench of water in the ground, a wellspring is the fountain head, or the source of a body of water, a stream, or a river. It is the supply or source of anything, especially when considered exhaustible. We do so much in a day and normally our day consists of conversations and being around people, and as you know people can be exhausting and take a lot out of us. Just like us, wells and springs in the ground also dry up and lose their water and life. God has entrusted us all with our own "wells." Our mind is a well, and ultimately our heart is a well. Even our degree of influence is a well. God asks us to live generously, and to live our lives on behalf of others. He gives us dreams and visions and influence but how often do we allow our "wells" to be polluted with fear, with doubt, with insecurity? How often do we let our well dry up, or do we go to a mud puddle after the rain rather than a spring, looking for water to quench our thirst? Anything can pollute or spoil our waters, but only God keeps our well clean. Look to Christ to be the one that fills and cleanses your well. Ask him to refill you. Nothing satisfies us like Jesus and if we are not intentional to seek him, our wells we become like mud. Who wants to drink from a muddy puddle?