Roommates // March 29, 2009

I am sitting in my room @ 2 pm on Sunday. The last few days have been so funny with the weather. Friday, cool but then insane storms and thunder, buckets and buckets of rain... Saturday, a blizzard blows through with the high of 30 degrees and sheets of snow, layers upon layers... and then today, 60 is the high with sunshine... what the blazes!!??

Anyway, I should be doing homework but instead I found myself writing letters. Yes i am a snail mail, love note, thank you card girl. I love writing little notes to people and some think its interesting and old fashion... too bad.. i love it!

For a few moments I thought about all the people who have been kind enough to want to room with me over the years and I just wanted to say thank you for to all of them.

Alli Fisher
Mandrea Evans
Halie Tucker
Sara Swanson
Lisa Kline
Katie Hoffman
Becky Hoffman

Seriously, I feel like I have had the best roommate experiences throughout my years at ORU. You girls taught me a lot and your ability to listen and love were so crucial in my growth as a believer, a woman, and a friend. I definitely had my share of tears and laughs with each of you, and the sharpening that you did in my life was awesome! Thank you for pointing me to Jesus in all of my valleys and for your advice, your ear, and your prayers. Whether I was an immature freshman with boyfriend issues, or a supersenior juggling all the responsibilities of my life and others, you all have a dear place in my life and heart and I am so thankful for each of you!

I pray that even with distance between us and even when we don't talk, that you are women who seek the Lord and love Him. That you would love people they way you loved me and more. I am praying for you all and thinking about you on this sunny March day :)