Radiant Photography is Launching!! // May 7, 2010

I wanted to make you all aware that something exciting is happening in a few hours, Saturday May 8th!

I am launching the baby I have been carrying for 3 years! Radiant Photography is here and it is beautiful!

It's been a dream for a while. Read more about my blogrimage here.

I want to invite you to come out to the Radiant Photography Launch to see my photography, learn about Radiant and what its all about!!

The website is up and running, though it is still under construction... few kinks to work out, but at least it is something!

My website is:   http://www.livingradiant.com

I am really excited and expectant! Regardless of what tomorrow holds and looks like, I know that this has been a total God project in the works and it would not exist if not for him... So with that said... you don't wanna miss tomorrow... and if you do, no worries, this train is moving and you can ride it later too!!!

The launch is being held from 10-2 at the Gilman School Family Festival. Click on "Gilman School" above for the address and mapquest it! When you arrive look for parking! Then follow the noise :) and look through the different booths and you will find mine!!

Hope to see you there and Thanks for reading along and believing in me and the dreams within!