This morning driving to the airport at 630 am, we hit some congestion on the expressway. Too much congestion results in a clog, kinda like a toilet does.  When lanes get clogged, no one can pass, and people beep their horns. People are impatient and selfish, not letting anyone merge. Accidents create bigger messes on an already clogged or congested expressway due to impatience or a lack of focus.

I am reminded in this season of my life that the only thing that really "clogs" or congests the flow of the spirit of God in my own life is simply, me. When I get distracted or start thinking on self, I begin to "clog" or stop what God could be doing in me. I believe that he is constantly at work within me and working all things out for good as I continue to love him and obey him. I am reminded that my focus must remain on him. If I don't spend time with him or put him first, my alarms bells go off. They are the things I detect in me that aren't my norm. I can get selfish, short with people, lose my focus, or feel discouraged.

I found this picture of a beautiful toilet. In fact it is perfectly clean, fish tank and all. I was thinking, No way does a toilet stay clean.... or does it? When we tend to our heart and our lives, there is no room for it to get congested or clogged. What if our tank, or our lives, looked like this?  What would our conversations be, how would we respond to circumstances or people. What if our mind didn't get distracted by the good looking man driving next to you? Well for one, you wouldn't have an accident or fender bender and clearly, you can say good bye to all conversation going 60 miles an hour with wind between 2 windows. But in all reality, there is so much around us hungry for our attention. It could be a good looking co-worker, or it could be the agenda or the to do list. 
Regardless, we need to tend to our toilet. We need to tend to our lane. We need to tend to our heart. It is the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit in our lives. When our heart is clogged, it blocks the move of God in our lives.