25 Random things about me // February 1, 2009

1. At birth I was named Laura Noel, and later it was changed to Maggie Jeanne. My name means "Pearl." It is the only rare gem or precious "stone" that is formed by life (a living thing: clam). I am full of life... how ironic.

2. I am one of 6 kids and I am the middle girl.
Birth order: Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy
I think I have the most sensational and dynamic family... FULL of purpose!

3. I have been collecting spoons and sand from all over the world since I was 12 years old. The sand/soil is illegal i think... :/

4. I have been "saved" since middle school from what I remember, but really rededicated my life to the Lord while I was at ORU after God rocked my world... literally...... I am currently in my 5th year at ORU.

5. I got the baptism of the Holy Spirit when I was a junior in high school at a youth retreat at the beach.

6. I absolutely love seashells and sunshine and water... when I'm tan i like how it glistens on my body... weird fascination.

7. I loved flying kites as a little kid! Anywhere!

8. I love "spin-around" dresses. The kind that that spin when you do as many circles as you possibly can do before falling down

9. I really love being barefoot, OUTSIDE... like in a field of grass. Oh and I like laying down in places and watching the sky... a lot :)

10. I LOVE the smell of menthol... vicks vapor rub is the best!! I LOVE IT! ha

11. My cat Milo died this past year, he had been my best friend for 13 years. I named him after my favorite childhood movie, Milo and Oatis.

12. I realize I talk in the 3rd person around men saying, "we." I never use the word "I" and i dont' know why.
Example: "I'll let you know if we end up coming."

13. My love languages are: Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, and Physical Touch

14. I have Chai tea at least once a day, and if Milano's weren't so bad for me, I would eat a whole thing of them in one sitting... i know.

15. With my family combined, we have traveled to 50+ countries in the world :)

16. God speaks to me a lot through dreams and people. I get excited to go to sleep at night because God will show me something about something, someone, or somewhere. And I like to interpret them too.

17. I don't really have a "type." I'll tell you what though... I am definitely attracted to the type of man who is genuinely passionate about the Lord and likes to talk openly and boldly about it, takes care of himself and people (spiritually, physically, etc), loves adventure, and who is consistent, loyal, faithful, and intentional. Yes... that is my type. oh, and he better smile, laugh, and talk a lot... i mean come on... he has to catch up with me ;)

18. My best friend is from the other side of the country! California, Baby! (Lisa Dunn, roommate).

19. If I could I would live in a bikini bathing suit the rest of my life... as long as I am at the beach :) otherwise, I love snow and like being bundled up... in snow pants too :)

20. My car is named "The Black Pearl." I love Pirates.

21. I have only broken one bone... my left pinky...

22. I have a scar across my forehead from when a cat scratched me when i was 2 weeks old.

23. I am really awkward on the phone. JUST FOR THE RECORD.

24. I had to go to speech therapy when i was little because i couldn't say my R's... instead they were W's... every so often it still comes out and i say teachew, or, weally...

25. I have a fetish & an obsession... underwear and eyes