LTEL // March 13, 2010

I started this blog at 10:12 pm on Saturday, March 13th. I am in the comfort of parents house enjoying an awesome cup of sweet tea.

I am loving the life that I have been given. I call it, LTEL. Living the extraordinary life. It is nothing glamorous at the moment, actually, it is very ordinary.  Along with two of my best girl friends, Elle and Rachel, we created this saying, LTEL, in the fall of 2007. It is the phrase used as a mark and reminder of the life that we've been given and will live out from now on. However, the reason our lives are extraordinary is because of the only one that sets us apart. His name is Jesus.

He gives us the ability to live extraordinarily lives in a very ordinary life. I love it. I love my life. We love our lives.

This blog was created as a place where I could share my life with others.

It will have stories, thoughts, encounters, and encouragement from my own life and the processes that the Lord is taking me through.

A lot of what is already on here (all posts March 13th) are anywhere from 1-3 years old, but I figured it was about time to condense them into one place besides my journal: Blogspot so people can have some background to what happens from here on out.

So... enjoy and watch the process of God in my life as I continue journalling all that God is doing in me... He is the main focus of my life, and why I do everything that I do.