Asking Bridesmaids for under $1

I thought this would be a fun blog post to write. I wanted to share how I asked all 10 of my bridesmaids to be in our wedding. It all started with

How am I going to ask these girls, without just picking up the phone!? Only 2 live close enough to ask in person!

Since all but 2 are out of state, I wanted to get creative! So, here's what I came up with:

Let's begin with the materials list: 

  • Black & White blank invitations & Envelopes: Target ($5 for a pack of 12 on clearance)
  • Paint Chips/Swatches: Home Depot (FREE! Just pick out the right colors that go with your theme)
  • 1 "n" stamp: Joann Fabrics ($1)  - "n" stands for Nolan, which will be my new last name!
  • Stamp Ink: Free... I had some in my craft stash (You can get some from any craft store in any color)
  • Twine: I had some on hand in my craft stash (You can get some from any craft store) 
  • Scissors: They are my moms
  • Tags: $1 on clearance at craft store
  • Stamps: ($ not included in total spent but weren't more than a $1 each)

Total Spent: $7 +  postage + my time / 10 girls = $0.70 per girl

Basically, once I had all my materials, I started creating. 

The first thing I did was graphically design and think through what would be printed on the "invitation" itself. This would have the text "Will you be my Bridesmaid" or "...Matron of Honor" or "...Maid of Honor". It also had some event details that were nailed down, like the date, location, and dress details. I then used my printer here at my house, adjusted some settings and got them printed.

The paint swatches are next. I piled up a few colors in a way that looked neat, and tied some twine with a note that indicated what each color was for.   Down the road in an email, each girl was given the color dress they would be wearing.

After the paint swatches were tied up and looking pretty, I designed an individual note for each girl. I found a free downloadable eps logo on google, that I was able to use in the art. I printed these at home and cut them to fit in the envelope.

Last but not least, I piled all the pieces. The invitation was first, then the personalized note, then the paint swatches. Then into the envelope with a lick to close, and then a quick stop at the post office.

This is how I asked my bridesmaids. They all loved them... and the best part (besides only spending $0.70) is that they all said YES to being in our wedding! I of course was super proud for making these, and Patrick even said "I'm so proud of you. You're very creative."