DIY Pillows

I attempted something last Christmas that I hadn't tried before. I decided to make pillows for all the women in my immediate family.

It all started when I was in Anthropologie and Pottery Barn, 2 of my most favorite stores. I love buying things from both when I can, and if Anthopologie had a registry... I'd register there. I stumbled upon these beautiful pillows... and I couldn't believe how expensive they were for what they were. Someone is making money off these!  I did some research to find out the pattern name as well as the fabric used. I found out I could find an equivelent or fabric similar and more suited to what I REALLY wanted.

So I then decided... I'm going to try to make some pillows. This is what turned out:

I made 4 pillows, a couple different sizes. I went to Joann Fabrics here in Baltimore, and talked with a wonderful woman who gave me a quick tutorial on thread for my sewing machine, how much "puff" I would need for the pillows, and the option to buy pillow inserts at the sizes and spec's I wanted.  

I then went and spent some time picking out fabrics. I knew I wanted to do grays and whites, so I found a soft soft plush white faux fur fabric that could be cut down to the sizes I needed, and a gray and creme pattern fabric that reminded me of the anthro' fabric I saw in the store that one day.  

If there's one thing I learned... learning how to use a sewing machine is ideal.The first pillow I made was by hand. I cut all the fabric, and sewed it edge by edge, and included a zipper in the process. It took me a while, but it's one of the pillows that turned out the best (I kept that one).

I knew I didn't have the time to make the other pillows by hand... so I asked a friends mom help me. I went to her house and she taught me a few things about the sewing machine. In no time I made 3 other pillows. I even put zippers in the other 3 pillows. I've been told that is quite a feat, and even really a skilled seamstress struggles with sewing in zippers. I loved putting them in... can't you tell how proud of myself I am!?

So, take a stab. Go find a pillow you love at one of your favorite stores... then go attempt to duplicate it. You will value it more, mainly because you made it.

Do something you've never done or wanted to do. Eleanor Roosevelt said,

Do one thing every day that scares you.