Cupcake Onsies for Baby Showers

One of my favorite gifts to make for baby showers are baby cupcake onsies or diaper cakes.

Yes, desserts in the form of clothing! Below I have a few pictures of the cupcake onsies I made for 2 friends. The little outfits you put babies in look cute no matter what.

Obviously, you have to buy a few things in order to make these. 

  1. Baby Onsies - in the size requested by the mother-to-be, or just get any package of onsies if not specified. They range in sizes from newborns, to 9 months, etc.
  2. Cupcake Pan Liners - same as above... just get the large ones, because you have to put a ball of a onsie in it.
  3. Cupcake Boxes - you can buy these from any craft or baking store. Normally they are made by Wilton or another brand and are in the baking section.
  4. Pom Poms & Buttons & Paper circles - any craft store or check your craft stash.
  5. Double sided tape - used for attaching pop poms and buttons... DO NOT use glue... otherwise you will ruin the onsies.  

Once you have all your materials, the steps are simple and there's really only 3.   

  1. Open the packages and ball up the onsies and make sure one side is smooth.
  2. Place onsies in the tray in the liners.  
  3. Add pom poms and buttons as necessary to all onsies. Use the double sided tape to keep them attached.

You now have a perfectly cute gift to give to a friend for a baby shower. I normally try to make a basket of sorts with some other registry items just so my gift simply isn't onsies. These are always a hit, and people always want to know "How did you make them!!?"  

Now you know.