Sewing Moss

Adri and I worked hard on painting signs and assembling a moss motif! 

Our job was to help make directional signs as well as the big "K" and "M" that would hang on the side of the hanger barn! 

We started out with some floral wire and sheets of moss, literally out of a box. It looked like someone went into a forest and just pulled a sheet of moss of rock, like you would pull a sheet off the bed. The moss was driven up to upstate NY from the flower district in the city. A box of moss is about $27.

We attempted sewing the wire through the moss and wrapping it around, but the moss wouldn't stay on board. Then we tried using a staple gun, but that didn't work because its moss and its too fragile. THEN we thought that spray adhesive would work and that definitely was not an option because moss is living, wet, and hard to work with... SO we settled on the staple gun, and good old JUTE! 

Using some jute, moss, and wooden letter cutouts that my dad constructed, we went to work.


Once the K&M were complete, Adri and I spent time painting the directional signs that would be out and about for people to see. It's crazy what some wood nailed together and some Behr's paint can do!