Redeemed Bathroom

The master bathroom is almost finished, minus mounting some photographs and art as well as the mirror! Look how far it has come! I could not do it without my Dad, Marc, and my boyfriend, Patrick! Two of the most amazing men I know!
Look at how far the bathroom has come. Transformation from a 1985 bathroom to a 2011!! The changes included:

  • Vanity and Mirror Replaced
  • Toilet upgraded
  • Plumbing under sink repaired
  • Walls spackeled and painted
  • Floor torn up and redone with tile

Thanks to Behr, I selected a color that reminded me of the beach! I LOVE THE BEACH!

I bought Seaside Sand and decided to do the whole bathroom next to a white trim and a beige tub. With the shower curtain and the NEW sink and counter, it blends beautifully!

I also decided to recycle items that I had bought years before from overseas and college. I also decided to use my personally photography, instead of buying new images, to save money for decorating the bathroom! I am planning on printing a large print and putting it onto canvas for the wall above the towel rack that you cannot see from the pictures.