Diaper Cake Tutorial

I am going to a shower in a few weeks and so I decided to make a diaper cake! I've never made one before but I've been to showers where people have brought them. So I attempted one!


DIY Pillows

I attempted something last Christmas that I hadn't tried before. I decided to make pillows for all the women in my immediate family.

It all started when I was in Anthropologie and Pottery Barn, 2 of my most favorite stores. I love buying things from both when I can, and if Anthopologie had a registry... I'd register there. I stumbled upon these beautiful pillows... and I couldn't believe how expensive they were for what they were. Someone is making money off these!  I did some research to find out the pattern name as well as the fabric used. I found out I could find an equivelent or fabric similar and more suited to what I REALLY wanted.

So I then decided... I'm going to try to make some pillows. This is what turned out:

I made 4 pillows, a couple different sizes. I went to Joann Fabrics here in Baltimore, and talked with a wonderful woman who gave me a quick tutorial on thread for my sewing machine, how much "puff" I would need for the pillows, and the option to buy pillow inserts at the sizes and spec's I wanted.  

I then went and spent some time picking out fabrics. I knew I wanted to do grays and whites, so I found a soft soft plush white faux fur fabric that could be cut down to the sizes I needed, and a gray and creme pattern fabric that reminded me of the anthro' fabric I saw in the store that one day.  

If there's one thing I learned... learning how to use a sewing machine is ideal.The first pillow I made was by hand. I cut all the fabric, and sewed it edge by edge, and included a zipper in the process. It took me a while, but it's one of the pillows that turned out the best (I kept that one).

I knew I didn't have the time to make the other pillows by hand... so I asked a friends mom help me. I went to her house and she taught me a few things about the sewing machine. In no time I made 3 other pillows. I even put zippers in the other 3 pillows. I've been told that is quite a feat, and even really a skilled seamstress struggles with sewing in zippers. I loved putting them in... can't you tell how proud of myself I am!?

So, take a stab. Go find a pillow you love at one of your favorite stores... then go attempt to duplicate it. You will value it more, mainly because you made it.

Do something you've never done or wanted to do. Eleanor Roosevelt said,

Do one thing every day that scares you.  

Cupcake Onsies for Baby Showers

One of my favorite gifts to make for baby showers are baby cupcake onsies or diaper cakes.

Yes, desserts in the form of clothing! Below I have a few pictures of the cupcake onsies I made for 2 friends. The little outfits you put babies in look cute no matter what.

Obviously, you have to buy a few things in order to make these. 

  1. Baby Onsies - in the size requested by the mother-to-be, or just get any package of onsies if not specified. They range in sizes from newborns, to 9 months, etc.
  2. Cupcake Pan Liners - same as above... just get the large ones, because you have to put a ball of a onsie in it.
  3. Cupcake Boxes - you can buy these from any craft or baking store. Normally they are made by Wilton or another brand and are in the baking section.
  4. Pom Poms & Buttons & Paper circles - any craft store or check your craft stash.
  5. Double sided tape - used for attaching pop poms and buttons... DO NOT use glue... otherwise you will ruin the onsies.  

Once you have all your materials, the steps are simple and there's really only 3.   

  1. Open the packages and ball up the onsies and make sure one side is smooth.
  2. Place onsies in the tray in the liners.  
  3. Add pom poms and buttons as necessary to all onsies. Use the double sided tape to keep them attached.

You now have a perfectly cute gift to give to a friend for a baby shower. I normally try to make a basket of sorts with some other registry items just so my gift simply isn't onsies. These are always a hit, and people always want to know "How did you make them!!?"  

Now you know.  

Asking Bridesmaids for under $1

I thought this would be a fun blog post to write. I wanted to share how I asked all 10 of my bridesmaids to be in our wedding. It all started with

How am I going to ask these girls, without just picking up the phone!? Only 2 live close enough to ask in person!
Since all but 2 are out of state, I wanted to get creative! So, here's what I came up with...


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Sewing Moss

Sewing Moss

Adri and I worked hard on painting signs and assembling a moss motif! 

Our job was to help make directional signs as well as the big "K" and "M" that would hang on the side of the hanger barn! 

Using some jute, moss, and wooden letter cutouts that my dad constructed, we went to work.


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Christmas Crafts

It's here... CHRISTMAS... but it's only December 1st.

I decided to prep for the holidays early!

I went ahead and went to JoAnn Fabrics as they were having a mega sale (50-70% off) of Christmas items over Thanksgiving weekend and the week before.

I purchased a bunch of classic silver bulbs, as well as some blue and gold bulbs.
Those are the colors of my church, but they also are just beautiful compliments of color, especially in a jar, Mason Jars, to be exact.

I found the Mason jars online on Craigslist... a steal! And I took ribbon to wrap around the top. Wahla... they look beautiful and elegant.

I also made a Christmas wreath for less than $10. I was inspired to make one after I went into a dozen different stores looking for a pretty wreath and COULD NOT believe the prices for the most simple wreath. So I decided to make my own!! This is all I used:

  • 1 wreath
  • Box of small bulbs from the dollar store (or even ikea maybe) - still super cheap $1.50
  • some little silver glittered holiday pieces ($0.79)
  • left over tulle I had in my basement
  • hot glue and hot glue gun

It turned out beautiful and I have it on my front door!!

This is how I bring in the holiday festivities!


Paint Color Nightmare

So I totally went into Home Depot indecisive because of the dumb paint that got stolen... OH wait... I haven't told that story yet.

So here it is. Men who work on hard wood flooring come and put wood on floor. Man goes up stairs, looks at paint, and takes his favorite. I come back to the house after work, and 5 days later I go to paint and paint is gone. Traces of Footprints from the sheddings of flooring lead up stairs where paint had been stored. Paint gone. Thanks Mr. Contractor.

Alright. So then I have another chance to find the right color. I decided to rely on Behr paints color complement or... BAD IDEA. I have a yellow kitchen and a gray office and it gives me a coral orange. It looked beautiful... see below:

PicMonkey Collage-1.jpg

So then, I go home and decide to start painting and I went "GASP.. UGH... I CAN'T DO THIS!!" I start wigging out and can't believe that this is really the color of my living room.

PicMonkey Collage-2.jpg

Then I take a picture and post it on Facebook to get reactions and I send it to my sister Becky and my mom, who both texted me back saying... "UGLY"... no joke, exact word from each of them.

So then I let it dry and for two days, every time I come down the steps, I say "ugh... I hate you!"

So, tonight I decided to do something about it. I went into home depot and spent a good hour in the paint section. I brought my palettes, swatches, shades and more and found new ones! I finally decided on one! You gotta check it out.

Go to the Behr website and look up these three colors! These are the three colors in the rooms on the first floor... it is going to be stunning!!

Gentle Rain, River Valley, and Sunkissed Yellow (which I have in the kitchen). 

PicMonkey Collage-3.jpg

They look SO good together!

SO my nightmare has ended as I no longer wait up saying... "ugh... I hate you!"
Now its contentment and serenity! It will be so nice once there are some great pieces of art hanging on those beautiful walls!!

I started painting the new color by Behr, River Valley, and I am in love with it. I normally tell my boyfriend that I am in love with him, and I am really in love with this new color! It's hard to tell, I need to take a picture during the day, not at night... but I think it will look great in the morning!!

Here is the sneak peek... hard to tell... but its getting better!

PicMonkey Collage-4.jpg