Lauren's Bridal Shower

A month ago today, we (a group of bridesmaids) threw a shower for Lauren, my future sister-in-law. She is marrying my brother on September 29th, almost a month away!

She knew there was a shower, she just didn't know who all would be there! It was so so sweet! She got "SHOWERED" with gifts, family and friends. Her family drove down from New Jersey, friends near and far came, and Lauren felt so great!


During the shower, Anna Grace and I played a video in which we recorded Zach answering questions. Lauren had to guess his answer before hearing what he said... almost like a "How well do you know Zach" game. It was so great watching her reactions... I do have to say, she knows my brother, Zach, really well (which I guess she should after dating almost 4 years).


Her sister, who is also her maid of honor, made this beautiful recipe box. All guests were invited to bring a favorite recipe. Ashley should totally sell these recipe boxes on Etsy! They are precious! 

We also had all guests sign a "circle" for her guest book... basically a word of wisdom or a love note.  


Lauren's shower was so nice. I had a blast being the "designer and decorating"... definitely my favorite part of party planning, decides taking the pictures at the event. I wish I would have taken some more photos, but as usual, I was busy running around making sure Lauren felt like a gem and helping things go smooth. 

Thank you to all the bridesmaids who helped (Ang, Allison, Anna Grace, Ashley, and others). Happy Wedding, Lauren. Love you, sister!