Nolan Life

2018 Behind the Scenes

We’ve never done this and we thought it would be awesome to share. We get a lot of compliments on our work and our personalities and our professionalism, so we figured it would be appropriate to share some of our 2018 Behind the Scenes to show the not so glamorous part of our job… some embarrassing and some hilarious… What an amazing year we had, we hope you had an incredible 2018 too.

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Our First Miscarriage

If you’re here it probably means you saw our post on Instagram and Facebook. If you didn’t but stumbled upon our site, let me share a little bit about our story and why this post exists. 

On Sept 7 I left a card for Patrick on his night stand to share with him our awesome news. We were pregnant with our second child. We hugged and rolled around in our bed with excitement. He kissed me a few times and we were like, awesome, let’s not tell anyone just yet! But in just 3.5 days, our joy turned to fear, sadness and mourning as I started experiencing every symptom of miscarriage. I even shot an entire wedding on the worst day of the miscarriage, smiling in front of our couple and their guests while my heart grieved and even physically my body ached.

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