2018 Behind the Scenes

We’ve never done this and we thought it would be awesome to share. We get a lot of compliments on our work and our personalities and our professionalism, so we figured it would be appropriate to share some of our 2018 Behind the Scenes to show the not so glamorous part of our job… some embarrassing and some hilarious… What an amazing year we had, we hope you had an incredible 2018 too.

That’s a wrap! Thank you to all 38 of our amazing 2018 couples. We do have one more wedding on the 29th in Long Island NY!

This year was incredible and we are so honored you allowed us to come alongside you. We hope you enjoyed this post and it brought back memories of the behind the scenes of your wedding day. Wedding days never go perfect, but instead we like to think that they are fabulous, beautiful and memorable events full of funny moments and great story situations. Cheers to amazing moments, great guests, fabulous families, and of course, the most beautiful, kind, and incredible couples on the planet… Living Radiant Couples!