Wink Nolan

A few friends have been inquiring about how Patrick is doing with all things baseball. The answer... incredible.

To bring you up to date, Wink Nolan is in Colorado this summer, playing for the Trinidad Triggers, a professional baseball team in the Pecos League, an independent baseball league out in the mid-west. 

Patrick is currently leading the entire Pecos League in batting average among other categories.

As of yesterday (7/17/13), he is batting .420 (on the leader board with 2.7 plate appearances per game).
He runs the 60 yard dash in 6.5.
From the outfield, he can throw 93 mph - 96 mph.

Those of you who know baseball know that this is incredible. To the rest of you, it's just some good numbers. Patrick is also performing at this level without 'roids... you know, those illegal drugs called steroids that most of professional baseball players take and cover up, but aren't supposed to. yeah. Patrick has trained hard and well to get to this amazing place and deserves an incredible opportunity. 


There's a high chance that Patrick could be traded into affiliated baseball with a major league organization. We're hoping that he gets invited to play with a farm team of a major league organizations. We are just waiting for someone to take a chance, and say "Where has this guy been?" and decide to negotiate a contract.

Some of you have asked, "well what's the next step?" The next step would be that a team invites him to a tryout for major league ball, or that a scout would take interest and come watch him play. The next step is out of his hands. He has already done what he can in his own ability, including reaching out to some of his contacts and networks who have relationship with major league organizations. We're hopeful our contacts will be advocates for him. All it takes is one conversation with one person.

Patrick has pursued this dream of his, and he has overcome so much both physically and mentally in the past few years. Patrick is a phenomenal player in talent, skill, and ability, but he's also a great man. He deserves this probably more than anyone I know. He's in it for the love of the game, for the love of the field and the strategy. He has become a better man, boyfriend, and fiance because of it, because of what it has done in his character and his attitude. He's a better friend and is extremely respected and favored by his managers and his team.

We anticipate the unknown and are believing for the miraculous to transpire in the most ordinary of days.  Extraordinary things are birthed and come to life out of the most ordinary of people and things.

Patrick has been doing so well, and we have a few clips highlighting some of his plays! Take a look at the videos below!