You're in New Mexico!?

This exact week last year, I flew out to New Mexico to stay with Patrick and his host family in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where Patrick was playing ball with an independent team there all summer.

I took a week off to go watch him play and support him. One of our good friends from church offered to pay for my flight and they felt is wasn't good to be apart for so long... as it would be 5 months until I would see him again if I didn't go. Here's a glimpse of my week spent with Patrick! 

On one of Patrick's days off, we went to White Sands, New Mexico. This is one of the wonders of the world. It's miles of white sand like powdered sugar and Patrick and I, along with other people too, drove around, ran up and down sand dunes, and took lots of pictures!

Patrick and I made lots of new friends too... some that hopefully will come to our wedding in November too!

I got to throw the first pitch of the game. I threw a strike, right over home plate. And I got to keep the game ball! 

My week visiting Patrick was so great. So thankful for a job that allows me to go and take time doing somethings that matter most... spending time family or future family... mainly the person I want to spend life with.

I came home and it was bittersweet. I saw Patrick 2 months later, when he returned after a good season. 

I love Patrick so much, and am so proud that he is pursuing a dream that we are believing will come to pass!