A bull fight & some ears // July 24, 2008

It is thursday morning, and i am waiting for class to start. I have about 30 minutes to write something. So I decided to write about my day yesterday!

I woke up with an exciting day ahead of me. I would have class, then a trip to the post office (Correos) and then a night at one of the famous Spanish Bull Fight!

My experience at the post office was interesting... i walked in hands full and walked out still with hands full...i took a number and sat down waiting for my turn. my number gets called, i go to the window with everything i need to send and the woman at the counter just looks at me. i inform her that i need to send a bunch of things to the US A, how she said it, and she asked me what i needed. I was expecting there to be boxes, packages, bubble wrap, bubbles, newspaper and everything else i could possibly need to send fragil items across the sea, but this is NOT the case. I told her i had a plate to send and when i took it out of the bag, she said it would break in the mail without packaging... well obviously it would, and that is why i am here trying to buy the materials to keep it secure. They had nothing. she informed me it would be best to wrap it in toliet paper or tissue paper or newspaper, and bring it back with other items to keep it secure in a box Awesome... I felt so stupid becuase i have never had so much difficulty trying to send something. Let me also say that sending things across the ocean are difficult and expensive. I was able to send out the objects and souveigners that are not fragile...sweet. it still cost me 40 euros...remind me never to buy furniture in europe and try to send it home...

After this I got back to the house to get ready for the BULL FIGHT! What an awesome experience. It takes place in this colessuem type of building with tons of fans. In the beginning there is an introduction of all torores and the main 3 matadors. Along with these men are the two horse riders that come out with thier armoured horses. Everyone in the center of the ring clears out, except for about 3 or 4 toroeros, and then a bull is released. Here comes the first bull and he is livid...pissed off.. He charges everyone and everything, sometimes wiping out, or flipping over himself. He is fast. Supposedly the bigger balls a bull has, the more aggressive and agile he is. Interesting. The Toreoros wear him out and then the horse man comes out. The bull charges the horse, and i mean CHARGES... good thing that horse is padded. the man ontop the horse stabs the bull with a spear, about 2 x... and then there are three toreoros, all with 2 knife looking things and then stab the bull as well. At this point, the bull is really mad, has 6 knife things hanging on him back, and also 2 wounds from the spear. Then everyone clears teh ring except one of the 3 main matadors. He comes out with his red cape and the bull basically goes in circles around him. Then as the bull gets really tired, the matador takes a sword and puts it through the back of the neck of the bull... he is successfull if the blade goes all the way through the bull, only showing the handle of the sword on the back of the neck. Then the other toreores come out and basically wait until the bull finally falls to the ground.  He does and the crowd goes wild.
Five more times this same sequence happens. Over the course of 2.5 hours, 6 bulls are killed, 3 matadors are successful, and depending on how well the matadors do, they may or may not get to keep an ear or two of the bull. This is determined by the crowd. The crowd, when the bull dies, will wave white bandanas or anything white if they think that the matador should get an ear... they yell "corta, corta" meaning cut cut... and the head chief will make the decision whether or not he deserves one ear or two... and then the ear(s) are cut off and given to the matador. He does a walk around the ring, crowd going wild.

What an experience. I think I would go again to take someone to see it. Definitely cooler in real life and not as gruesome as it shows on TV.