Elaine & Tyler // ENGAGED

Elaine and Tyler are SUPER cute! I've known this couple since we all were in youth group together! Tyler and Elaine are getting married in June and I can't wait to photograph their big day! We went up, north of Baltimore to one of their favorite places to go. I won't say where since it's special to them. Here are some of my favorites from our day out!  

PicMonkey Collage-1.jpg
PicMonkey Collage-2.jpg
PicMonkey Collage-3.jpg
PicMonkey Collage-4.jpg
PicMonkey Collage-5.jpg
PicMonkey Collage-6.jpg
Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 1.36.04 AM.png

I love their Ravens wear! They are so cute together and so easy to photograph too! It's like I wasn't even there!