Mother's Day always includes Brothers

This past Mother's Day was spent in Dover, DE with my Mom, my Dad, my brothers Zach and Sam, and my mommom.  

I moved home in January and am so glad I did. I get to soak up time with my brothers before we all get married. It's a blessing in disguise and I'm so thankful that they are as fun as they are. Here's glimpse into our day! 

PicMonkey Collage-1.jpg

We ate a late lunch/dinner at this place called Boon Docks... it was insane and a little redneck.. oh.. a lot red neck. Definitely a "river people" restaurant. The bathroom was the most hilarious thing I think I've ever seen... but I definitely was not about to leave my bra behind... I paid too much money for it to hang on a bathroom wall. 

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Let's face it... my brothers want to be ninjas, modern day avengers like "Man of Steel" or "Ironman"... but they end up being the center of attention without intending to. They make me laugh so hard and are the best medicine for a sour day. This mother's day seemed to be one of those that I just kept wanting to take pictures of them being... well.. them. I love my little brothers... even though they are not so "little" anymore.

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On our drive back to mommom's house, we found this great tower that over looked miles of beautiful land... so we hiked over, and climbed up it to take some pictures. We saw the ponds and rivers, a lot of cattail, deer, muskrat, and beautiful birds. It was so serene!

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I really do have the most incredible mom. Just like God handpicks the colors of the evening sky, he picks out our moms. Regardless of how perfect or imperfect they are, somehow they are just what we need. I am forever thankful for my mom.

She's not really my best friend, just a woman who said yes to the calling of being my mom and in return is an amazing friend. I love you Mom!

Happy Mother's Day!