HAWAII... ALOHA! for 2 weeks!

Before I write anything, I should preface that I dropped my canon on the beach close enough to the water that I had to use my iphone the entire 2 weeks while I was in Hawaii! I regress...

I got to go to Hawaii for 2 weeks with some of my favorite kids on the planet! They are like family now! The Scheinberg's were celebrating their 10 year anniversary and wanted to celebrate in Hawaii! But they wanted their kids to come along, so Laura and Brian asked me to come along with them. The 2 weeks we all shared together was AWESOME! It was absolutely amazing. Here's our trip in a nutshell of tons of pictures! Enjoy!

We got to go to the Dole Plantation, Pearl Harbor, Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu, and some of Honolulu's best restaurants.

On my day off, I took a bus up to the film locations of a bunch of movies. One of my favorite tv series is LOST... I was in heaven wandering the property of where LOST was filmed! 


This was such an amazing time away. Hawaii was SO great. Check that off the bucket list!