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We are the owners of Living Radiant Photography. We are married and have shot over 160 weddings together.

We’ve been full-time since 2014 but have been shooting weddings since 2011.

Our photography portfolio is built on real life clients, real weddings, and real people and stories. We take on a limited amount of weddings a year to focus on amazing stories.



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Our Story

So our story is sweet and simple. We met in the church we spent most our childhood in but did not meet until 2010, right after finishing college. We were inseparable and loved time together whether it was grocery store runs, watching movies, or being outside. We spent our dating years building a business we would have no idea would become what it is today. 

We got married in 2013 and 6 months later in May of 2014, after shooting only a handful of weddings, we decided to jump into the reality of a crazy dream and found ourselves doing what we love which is Capturing Amazing Couples and their Love Stories. 

In May 2019, we celebrate 5 years of being “FULL-TIME” which is amazing. We have shot over 150 weddings together and continue to work alongside amazing couples! In our first 18 months of being full-time we shot 46 weddings. Now in 2019, we have shot over 150 and continue to shoot 30-40 weddings a year. We get to do what we love alongside not only the person we love most but other couples that feel the exact same way about each other. If you’re a newly engaged bride, you’re in the right place. So glad you’ve come to visit and spend some time with us!

We have a toddler named Ezekiel, who we call “Zeke” and a turtle named “Flash.” Guys, he’s not fast, at all.



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